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PFDA Fishport Complex Navotas
Metro Manila, Philippines 1485

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SLORD DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION, a HACCP accredited manufacturer of canned goods, was established on the 15th of April 1985. The primary purpose of which is: read more


Excellence is not only a word, but a trait that we value as the driving force of our company. We take pride to deliver excellence to the Filipino household and the world as we chose to be of service to their needs. We commit to continually develop in providing the best affordable products and services to the Philippines and the world at large without sacrificing quality. We will be a company of good business values, and always value the welfare of our clients, business partners, and the general public we serve.


We are in unity to provide the best quality canned seafood and vegetable product in our country for the Filipino household at the most affordable price. We aim not only to produce, but to deliver as well the export quality standards that the local market deserves to partake in their consumption habits with health as the top most priority. We also take pride to represent our company as we work to achieve excellence in our service.